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Blackcurrant natural extract 50 ml

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Soria Natural Black currant natural extract of black currant leaves in nonalcoholic solution - a mixture of vegetable glycerin and purified water. Since it does not contain alcohol it is appropriate for children, liver patients and others. It does not contain colorants, preservatives or additives.

Natural Extract Black Currant - Use:
     Adults: An effective daily dose of 1 ml (25 drops) three times a day diluted in water or juice.
     For children up to five years, eight drops three times a day.
     And for children between five and twelve-year-olds half-dozen for adults.

Additional Product Information:

     Product: Black currant, oral drops

     Manufacturer: SoriaNatural, Spain

     Quantity: 50 ml

     Packaging: Bottle with a supplied cap for easy taking without long-lasting drops and unnecessary fluctuation of fluid.

     Shelf-life: 3 years

Porijeklo: Španjolska

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