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Dates - Fresh 500g Naz

€ 2,49
PDV uključen u cijenu

Natural fresh dates with seeds

(Lat. Phoenix dactylifera, English dates)

The palms dating back to ancient times have been grown in dry areas of the Old World - especially in the north of dry Africa and in the Mediterranean. It is assumed that in the biblical description of the earth in which "honey and milk flows," he is considered to be honey under the honey, which was prepared from the dating palm, which was called tamar in Hebrew. Except for human diets, mixed with dry dates mixed with cereals, they then fed camels, horses and dogs in the Sahara. Today, main exporters are Iraq (80%) and Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Australia ...


100% fresh dates with seeds


Galleria Internazionale d.o.o., Predavčeva 6, 10090 Zagreb

Porijeklo: Iran

Energetska vrijednost na 100g 1335kJ / 315 kcal
Masti 5,6 g
od kojih zasićene masne kiseline 0,0g
Ugljikohidrati 73,0g
od kojih šećeri 70g
Bjelančevine 2,0 g
Vlakna 7,5
Soli <0,03g

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