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Home page Products Super Food, Nutrition Supplement Tincture Devil's Claw Tincture - Organic 100ml Fushi
Code: 002166

Devil's Claw Tincture - Organic 100ml Fushi

€ 13,05
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Devil's Claw has long been highly regarded in herbal medicine as a natural suppressor of muscular as well as other inflammation.

Devil's claw is also known as a tincture of a wooden spider, Harpago tincture.

All tincture bottles come in 0.5 ml to 1 ml vials for easy dosing.


Devil's claww root (Harpagophytum Procumbens), alcohol, water, 1: 2 (25% alcohol)
1 ml of tincture contains 500 mg of plants.

* Organically certified


The general recommendation of consumption is 1-5ml up to three times a day in water or juice.

Do not use orally during pregnancy unless prescribed by a doctor. For all other health conditions, look for advice from a doctor.


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