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Food Counterfeiters Mozaik

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Through eight different chapters, the book deals with the following topics:

    as the food industry in a legitimate way, thanks to the laws and regulations that go hand in hand, shakes customers by citing false   information on declarations
    from the composition of the food, through the origin to the quantity
    which in itself contains the so called. functional food on which the food industry earns billions of euros a year
    which is actually behind the declarations of "traditional recipe", "original product" and so on.
    how the food industry is rich by selling to the parents of sugar bombs under the guise of a balanced intercourse for a child
    how food giants overnight become "the world's biggest charities" using all the commercial scams they have available
    how extensively the term "bio food"
    why legislators work in favor of manufacturers rather than end consumers who have chosen them to stay in their protection
    how in a consumer society the consumer realizes his rights


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