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Code: 003405

Ginger Powder Glass - Organic 30g Nutrigold

€ 1,57
PDV uključen u cijenu

  • Ljutkasti okus
  • Izvrstan dodatak slatkim i slanim jelima
  • Ima svojstvo antiseptika
  • Prirodni afrodzijak
  • Snažan antioksidans
  • Ginger powder is produced by grinding ginger used for medicinal purposes and as a spice for 5000 years. It is closely related to curcuma and cardamom.

    Ginger contains special phytonutrients, gingerolates that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


    Ginger powder is used in cooking. Because of its intense taste and smell it is only half a teaspoon as a supplement to dishes. Excellent for wok dishes, rice dishes, sauces, drinks and pastries. It is equally well suited to summer drinks and cocktails and in winter when it is necessary to warm up the body.


    100% Organic Ginger Powder


    Marked on the back of the product.

    Keep in a dry and dark place.


    Galleria Internazionale d.o.o., Predavčeva 6, 10000 Zagreb

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