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Home page Products Super Food, Nutrition Supplement Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins and Minerals Hydrogenized collagen with magnesium 600 mg - 60 capsules of Nature Essential

Hydrogenized collagen with magnesium 600 mg - 60 capsules of Nature Essential

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Collagen is the largest and most wide-spread protein in the body made up of more than 1500 individual amino acids.

Collagen allows the body to be linked because it is responsible for skin elasticity, strength and hair growth. It represents the basis of connective tissue in the skin, ligaments, cartilage, vertebrae and bones.

The use of partially hydrolyzed collagen dates back to the Middle Ages, more precisely in 1175, when St. Hildegard writes that using gelatin reduces joint pain and increases their gut.

The first commercial gelatin production dates back to 1685 when it was first produced in the Netherlands.

The level of collagen in the body suddenly falls as early as 25 years of age. The level of collagen in the body is further reduced if we are smokers, we consume alcohol, live stressful, unhealthy food or intake too much sugar.

Collagen is suitable for all people over the age of 20, especially women who want to preserve a nice and youthful skin. We also recommend it to people over the age of 50, people with excess weight, people suffering from osteoarthritis, athletes, physical workers and people with joint injuries.


We recommend one (1) capsule a day, best before meals. Swallow the capsule with a little liquid.


Active Ingredients (1 capsule):

     Hydrolysed collagen, 200 mg

     Magnesium hydroxide, 90 mg *

     Magnesium oxide, 33 mg **

     Vitamin C, 20 mg (25% RDA)

     Vitamin B-6, 1.4 mg (100% RDA)

     Vitamin B-9, 0.20 mg (100% RDA)

     Vitamin B-12, 0.0025 mg (100% RDA)

     Both ingredients (*, **) provide 57.39 mg magnesium (15.30% RDA)

Inactive ingredients (1 capsule):

corn starch, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, gelatine.


Laboratorios BIO-DIS, Pol. Industrial Majaravique, 30-D, 41309 La Rinconada, Sevilla (Spain).


Galleria Internazionale d.o.o., Predavčeva 6,10090 Zagreb

Porijeklo: Španjolska
Energetska vrijednost 334 Kcal (1402,83 KJ)
Masti 0,91 g
Proteini 80,48 g
Ugljikohidrati 0,98 g

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