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Jasmin rice white 500g Natura

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By its properties it is considered a dietetic food. It is nutritious and easy to digest. The starch rises already in the mouth, with saliva, turns into sugar, and in the stomach it only has two hours in which it is almost completely disintegrated. Energetically valuable food, works well on the intestinal flora and rarely causes allergies. It is recommended for everyone who has to look for sodium and potassium intake; It contains a little sodium and is suitable for a nonslip child - it is an ideal food for kidney disease.


jasmine rice white

May contain traces of wheat, soybean, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame.


Mostly, long grain varieties are used as soups and salad additives, for preparing cookies, as cooked or fried meat dishes and as self-contained meals in combination with vegetables, meat or fish. Basmati and jasmine rice are aromatic types of rice that are brilliantly complementary to cinnamon, fruit, honey, cacao and (soy) milk.

Before cooking, rinse thoroughly with running water. Cook in boiling, boiled water for 15 minutes. The ratio between the amount of rice and water should be at least 1: 2, and the beads must uniformly swell without interconnection and retain the shape


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