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Code: 001611

Peanut butter with protein supplement - vanilla 1000g GymBeam

€ 9,83
PDV uključen u cijenu

Nuts & Whey is a delicious peanut butter melted in the tongue. Made from fresh peanuts, which gives it a creamy note and is also completely natural. But there is no end to its characteristics because it contains proteins.


100% fried peanuts (80%), lactose free whey protein isolate, BCAA (L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine), powdered cocoa powder, vegetable oils [medium chain vegetable triglycerides (MCT), coconut oil) , emulsifier (sodium carboxymethylcellulose), sweetener (sucralose), vanillin crystals, dye (beta-carotene - carrot yield).

This product contains peanuts. It can contain traces of gluten, nuts and seeds.


GymBeam, Gartenfelder Str. 1, Berlin, Germany


Under Construction d.o.o. ,K.Baranovića 14,10 000 Zagreb

Porijeklo: Slovačka

Energija 2352,6kJ / 561kcal
Masti 39,44 g
od čega zasićene 6,88 g
Ugljikohidrati 11,14 g
od čega šećeri 5,2 g
Vlakna 5,2 g
Protein 40,32 g
Natrij 0,508 g

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