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White Tea 25g Mlesna

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White tea is a top antioxidant and one of the healthiest types of tea at all. He got the name on a silver sheet covering the buds for harvest, and he won when the tea was dry. Young leaves and buds are harvested just before the buds open and the oxidation begins.Drinking is preventative because it strengthens the immune system and is beneficial to the human body.

Numerous benefits of using white tea are the same as the benefits of using green tea. Unlike green, white tea in the flavor has minimal tastes, so the taste is milder, softer, less grassy.

Due to its relaxing effect, it is best to consume it in the evening, while for people who suffer from higher blood pressure it is recommended to drink it all day.It has a very small proportion of teas (caffeine) and is suitable for almost all population groups.

The daily dose varies from person to person, but 3-4 cups of white tea have an exceptional antioxidant effect, especially if consumed up to 45 minutes after preparation.

Water temperature:After boiling in the kettle, the water is left to cool for about 5 minutes to achieve an optimum temperature of 70 ° C.White Tea Quantity:- 1 tbsp of white tea is placed on 2.5-3 dcl of water- 1 liter of water is put into 1 teaspoon of white tea.

Holding white tea in water:The white tea is kept in water / strain coated within 3-5 minutes, then it is scrubbed. Over the course of these minutes, antioxidants (catechins) come out on the surface and have a better effect on the body when tea is spiced up.


100% White Tea


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Porijeklo: Šri Lanka
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